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Skills, trust and method

We support companies in the streamlined transformation of physical and information processes through the implementation of Lean thinking.

Sintesia is a consulting company founded in 2010 by Matteo Biagini, Guido Bonuzzi and Francesco Dall’Oca, young management engineers not yet in their thrirties with a strong passion for programming and the kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement.

At Sintesia we adopt an innovative operating model, based on the development of skills and corporate culture, trust and method.

Why you will enjoy working with us

We are the mirror of our work. The redefinition of the company organization implemented by Sintesia consultants is reflected in the implementation of Lean Thinking tools and methods, but above all in the promotion of a collaborative corporate environment and culture based on the development of the only capital with high potential: people, the true supporters of improvement.

Our business model is based on internal skills, enhancement of diversity and spirit of imagination of each one of us, the creative power that originates from confrontation and construction of professional development paths in tune with the company’s activities. People are the key element that allows us to strive towards increasingly ambitious goals!

Our aim has always been to establish and nurture the creation of a meritocratic environment, based on trust and method, in which people are motivated to grow and give their best. Our mantra therefore consists of fundamental pillars such as meritocracy, transparency, motivation, sense of belonging and excellence. Why will you love working with us?


By working on our Lean transformation projects, your method and creativity will directly influence the people you come into contact with, leaving your mark. Isn’t it exciting?


We work in a highly competitive industry. This requires dedication, the ability to give your best and find concrete, innovative and effective solutions. Do you accept the challenge?


The relationship between consultant and client is strictly personal and based on trust. By becoming one of us you can make a difference, bringing your value and uniqueness to client companies.

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