VKS: the digital work instruction solution for Smart Factories

VKS – Digital work instruction software

Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) is the digital work instructions software: a solution that will help you achieve your business goals!

Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) is an innovative multilingual web-based software solution designed to help manufacturers transition to a paperless visual system and boost their profitability through improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency. 

Using VKS you can create, edit and share step by step Electronic Work Instructions while being able to capture live quality data, productivity metrics, and operator feedback. Furthermore, taking advantage of the latest advancements in IoT technology, VKS can integrate with machines, tools, and other softwares such as an ERPs, MES’ and more. This allows to visualize productivity data through live reports & KPIs!

Especially relevant here is the fact that VKS was born from the experience of a Canadian company in the manufacturing industry. The software is simple and visual, yet feature rich multilingual web-based application used for creating and sharing visual work instructions securely, while improving quality and productivity performance. 

VKS how it works

In conclusion, VKS enables the creation and sharing of:

  1. work instructions
  2. training material
  3. maintenance procedures
  4. quality checklists
  5. control plans

and more. Take a look to the video:

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