Solutions: KanbanBOX – Electronic Kanban

KanbanBOX logoAmong the techniques of Lean Production more established and implemented there is certainly kanban, one of the most powerful tools that companies have at their disposal to significantly improve the performance of the material flow in the supply chain.

To help companies in deriving the maximum benefit from kanban system, Sintesia has developed an innovative web service for the management of materials Kanban throughout the Supply Chain: KanbanBOX.

Building on the experience gained over years of consulting to companies of all sizes and sectors in Italy and abroad, Sintesia has in fact identified three areas with great potential for improvement in the management kanban:

  1. Communication – time lost in communication between customer and supplier, by the same lack of feedback, inconsistency of recall data, management errors not intercepted…
  2. Maintenance – High Cost of maintenance of dimensioning, kanban rarely updated, the absence of indicators for the monitoring of the performance…
  3. Data Management – Risk of loss of data and standard sizing, difficulty in turning the kanban management to an enterprise system…

Here how it works:

With KanbanBOX to size the kanban print paper labels and handle computationally as electronic kanban. And when you are ready to extend the application beyond the factory gates, KanbanBOX allows you to network directly with suppliers and customers to manage supply and sales kanban with them.

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Electronic kanban board

Kanban card examples.

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