Power BI

Connect KanbanBOX to Power BI

The business analysis service created by Microsoft to unify business analysis and create visual reports that facilitate the understanding of data.

Integrated with the Office 365 package, Power BI allows you to switch, in minutes, from raw data to detailed and meaningful information to be shared via the web within your organization.

It is a versatile and complete solution, capable of connecting to any data source, locally and in-cloud. With Power BI you can:

  • create custom dashboards that give you a complete view of any business reality.
  • explore the data collected and transform it into relevant graphs and views
  • quickly find detailed information from structured and unstructured data, including text and images
  • help users who are not data scientists to prepare data and reports with a perfect looking and fixed layout

KanbanBOX’s analysis and statistics tools enable the situation of materials in circulation within production processes and between customers and external suppliers to be kept under control. By connecting KanbanBOX to Power BI you can achieve even more:

An example of what you can achieve is:

  • real time visibility on the value of the warehouse in relation to the number of kanban codes and stocks
  • stratification of data according to secondary dimensions (e.g. Delayed orders per supplier, year…)
  • dynamic displays of the behaviour of some tables or graphs whose value is a measured field based on calculated fields
  • view of the capacity load per department in relation to the time available
  • real time view of cash flow in relation to purchases (to kanban and not to kanban)
  • filterable turnover display by customer, product or product family in relation to the previous year or allocated budget