Digital and lean transformation

Learning by doing, in a real manufacturing environment

Lean Experience Factory 4.0 is an experiential training centre based in San Vito al Tagliamento, in the province of Pordenone, established in 2011 from the joint venture between McKinsey & Company and Unindustria Pordenone.

The innovative experiential learning environment has the ambitious goal of supporting the development of companies towards a new level of operational excellence. How? By transferring to them the skills needed to retrain their resources, enabling them to implement and lead the lean and digital transformation.


The collaboration between Sintesia and the Lean Experience Factory 4.0 focuses on the unexpected benefits that arise from the creation of a Lean Supply Chain.

In particular, the courses, consisting of a theoretical part and a series of experiential activities in a 1:1 scale factory environment, aim to transfer to the participants the fundamental concepts for understanding and implementing the Pull supply chain method through Kanban.


The target audience is composed of:

– Entrepreneurs

– Production and Supply Chain Managers

– Purchasing managers

– Change agents and Lean managers

– Process engineering managers.

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