May 2024

The case of Venix Food Service Equipment

Organizational planning and human resources management

Performance, convenience and simplicity for the food field. Winking at the highest safety and design standards.

In 2013, in the midst of the global economic crisis, Venix entered the restaurant professional equipment market.

In a few years, it grew to reach a significant international size. Today it boasts a presence in over 90 countries around the world and is a recognized and appreciated brand everywhere.

Venix is ​​a young company that studies, designs, and manufactures ovens and equipment for the professional kitchen. Innovative technologies, high-performance materials, accessories, original solutions, and customization are the keywords of a range of products – ranging from ovens to blast chillers – in constant evolution and improvement.

The company understood from the beginning that a successful organization is a cornerstone for facing challenges such as globalization and issues arising from the economic crisis and increasing technological changes.

To handle global competitive pressure, companies must in fact prove specialization, flexibility, and ability to adjust to markets, balancing the interest in current achievements with the creation of future growth opportunities.

Sintesia cooperation project with Venix thus began already in 2014, expected to support the company in facing these challenges, anticipating change and assisting the management to align the organizational and production structure with the company objectives, so creating an environment conducive to innovation trends not only for the product but also for the process.


Through skills and analytical strictness, the work of Sintesia consultants started with a preliminary analysis of the production processes and the design of industrial layouts, one of our main service ranges, essential for designing an effective production line, functional and consistent with the production process.

“The Sintesia method has not only facilitated the processes management but has turned company management and operators to the rigorous use of procedures, making the information flow clear and accessible to all. Both in production and the offices. Though always stimulating people’s creativity to find innovative solutions! ” – Annalisa Zanellato, Venix Purchasing Office

Our areas of intervention

  • Analysis of warehouse logistics and production flows, to reduce material handling and costs related to indirect handling activities; positioning high-rotation materials as much as possible on the line; pull logics adoption for supplying lines with materials;
  • Time and Method Analysis and Cycle Time detection, to define work standards for the optimization of production processes and balancing;
  • Line layout redesign and related workstations redesign with particular focus on ergonomic aspects;
  • Implementation of dynamic gravity warehouses with FIFO management;
  • Creation of a new material flow management system through kanban methodology for the management of purchasing and handling components;
  • Training management through the creation of a Skills Matrix (Competences Matrix) to make line operators flexible and interchangeable with each other;
  • 5S method training in order to transfer to operators the basic concepts of constant improvement culture, capable of bringing production efficiency, safety at work, and greater well-being for operators;
  • Launch of an online Shop Floor Management project: every day, through flash meetings on the blackboard, operators share the problems encountered on the line, identify and solve daily “muda”(wastes), and, at the same time, displaying the process of continuous improvement.

“We appreciated how Sintesia consultants manage to convey involvement to people, as well as their constant commitment: it is not just one day a week, it is forever. He is no longer just a consultant, he is part of the team, a person who always thinks and works for us!” – Annalisa Zanellato, Venix Purchasing Office.

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