May 2024

Euroventilatori: quality performance

Euroventilatori: quality performance

Articulated and complex interventions for a leading company in the field of industrial ventilation.

The project for Euroventilatori International Srl is in continuous evolution, comprising process optimization interventions to improve operating performance and broad value-oriented objectives. The path is divided into multiple Kaizen workshops, from redesigning the company layout to optimizing the working standards with the 5S Method, up to the implementation of a Just in time system for the reduction of overproduction (production kanban) and replenishment of stocks (purchase kanban).

The implementation projects of digital lean tools are particularly interesting for:

  • the management of operating instructions;
  • monitoring and measuring company performance.

The company’s management philosophy, increasingly oriented to operate according to a value creation perspective, has in fact chosen Sintesia’s consultancy also for a review of the information-accounting systems for monitoring results and the entire order management process through the implementation of PowerBI.

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