May 2024


ASAlaser: medical laser therapy

Making the One Piece Flow

The revision of the production process of the international technology manufacturer as part of "pain management".

The analysis and revision of the production process of the Vicenza-based company resulted in the implementation of a One Piece Flow system in the assembly and testing phases of medical devices for laser therapy and magnetotherapy to be applied in human and veterinary field.

The above combines with a layout in which all the necessary components are made available inside the work cells, in the sequence in which they are to be used, thanks to a kanban procurement method directly on the assembly line.

The flexibility of the work stations to produce one piece at a time, i.e. to produce always different parts, has meant first of all the elimination of costs and space problems due to the immobilization of the semi-finished products, but not only. The most evident wastes (Muda) completely eliminated are:

– the preliminary kitting phases by the warehousemen;

– the movements of the operators due to lack of components, with consequent interruption of the WIP;

– the reduction of picking errors and the risk of creating non-compliant parts.

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